'Yr Hen Ysgol' SA19 6TR
'Yr Hen Ysgol' SA19 6TR
'Yr Hen Ysgol' Trap SA19 6TR
'Yr Hen Ysgol' Trap SA19 6TR

The Village:

lt is thought that Trap derives its

name from salmon traps which were set here on the River Cennen, as it flows through the village.

Alternatively it could be a contraction of the

phrase 'Tir ap Rhys' — the land of the son of

Rhys. The surrounding landscape, where the limestone of the Black Mountain, with its caverns and underground streams, meets the old red sandstone of the valley, is rich in heritage both natural and cultural: from the stone age, through medieval to modern times. The CennenValley was at one time known as 'Cwm Lladron' — 'Thieves Valley' — possibly connected with bands of robbers who took over the castle.

Bronze Age (2400-75OBC):

Two groups of summit cairns, at least 3000 years old, can be nseen on the Black Mountain, southeast of the village. These round burial mounds would have contained the cremated remains of important Bronze Age families. Other Bronze Age archaeology, which is extensive in this area, includes hut platforms, field systems, burnt mounds and cairn fields.

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